Ultimate test: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop vs Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Please watch: “How to inflate air sofa” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- We have made a bunch of tests with the Samsung …


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  1. The Artsy says:

    I have Android marshmallow

  2. MrViktorWilliams says:

    только у русских и у людей из бывших советских республик может быть Lidl App :))) ходите в нормальные магазины не позорьтесь

  3. turboglenn says:

    it looks as if one is an s6 and one is an s6 edge, possible this skews any benchmark or performance variations of the two OSs ?

  4. turboglenn says:

    it looks as if one is an s6 and one is an s6 edge, possible this skews any benchmark or performance variations of the two OSs ?? seems to me you can't compare accurately workout exactly identical devices. . feel free to clarify if you don't mind, but the two phones ate definitely different

  5. Curt S says:

    I went back to android 5.1. 6.0 was poor battery life and a few crashes

  6. TERMINAX says:

    I will buy s5 with kitkat and i see battery life is 1 day and with lollipop half dsy do you recomend me update to marshmallow or still with kitkat? I install much apps thanks

  7. Bonsall Mark says:

    I have a button on my skullcandy headphones. on the lollipop os it would play, pause and even go to the next song on any music player. And I could answer and hang up phone calls. on the new marshmallow os, the button no longer works. please help?

  8. willyousay? says:

    you should check out 6.0.1. much more improvments and potential RC version.

  9. Josh Griggs says:

    How did you download the update?

  10. Ashik Islam says:

    S6 5.1.1 Lollipop Face Many Problem Like Battery Problem
    Even Charging Problem Just 97% Charge…….
    When Marshmallow update You face Any Problem S6 ??

  11. TekReviews says:

    Your 1st Benchmark test on Lollipop showed 1487 Single Core, 5156 Multicore. But on your 2nd test the numbers were even lower on Lollipop with 1484 Single Core, 4932 Multicore. Your Marshmallow scores were lower then Lollipop on the 2nd test without an error. Looks like you can't trust Geekbench results. Most phones Marshmallow has shown an improvement on Non-Samsung phones, but your test shows Samsung S6 getting worse results on a newer OS Version.

  12. TekReviews says:

    Your 12 minute video is showing me over 5 banner ad's. Most videos only show me 1 ad unless they are near 60 minutes long.

  13. jom says:

    thats not lag thats the animations

  14. Stefan Najdovski says:

    Greetings from Macedonia p.s Nice Video you earned a sub!

  15. LuoSKr4D says:

    having a faster scroll animation has nothing to do with performance what the hell. Samsung made the scroll animation in pretty much everywhere slower in order to make it look smoother, and its by no means related to how well a device is performing. oh god.

  16. PepiSchmeichel says:

    I had both phones side to side and I noticed that the S6 display is brighter than the s6 edge.

  17. PepiSchmeichel says:

    Добро ревю !

  18. Marius Haupt says:

    The animation of the multitasking menu is slower so that it looks smooth it has nothing to do with the ram management. You should open and close a few apps and then open them later to see if the app reloads.

  19. Raja Yousuf says:

    all three devices i have got 2k screen display i love my three octa core devices note 4, note edge and note pro

  20. Raja Yousuf says:

    my note 4 n910c, note edge n915s and note pro p900 the got marshmallow update got all three devices got note 5 features and alot more battery life 3-4 days not like s6 s6 edge and plus and note 5 rubbish battery life

  21. Marius Filip says:

    please do a multitasking test, thanks 🙂

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