Butter Dog 10 Hours

Just a dog with da butter on him. Credit to coal and angrilyblowing for creating this meme! 24/7 Live Stream: Join …


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  1. Miraahu u says:

    I think the joke is dog with the butter

  2. Big Charlie Mapper says:


  3. KickGame5072 ツ says:

    butter dog

  4. Scratch Graffiti says:

    What a doe

  5. Dogs and Gaming says:

    Me thinking about doing this with my dog

  6. Jeff says:

    I like the part of the video when they say "butter dog"

  7. kroh tg says:

    This is the new "Yankee with no brim"

  8. Clothed_Tigre Productions says:

    He clearly likes it!

  9. King of Pizza Rolls says:

    The butter dog literally winks!!

  10. A sentient Bean says:

    My friend has been walking behind another friend whilst screaming this

  11. Crazyderpie2007 says:

    Actually its butter with a dog under it.
    Dog butter.

  12. FuturisticGamer says:

    Someone should report this so that YouTube has to watch the entire thing

  13. TimTakes says:

    Butterdog, the butter with the dog, butterdog.

  14. Valeria Acostupa says:


  15. Valeria Acostupa says:

    My favorite part is when he said: Butter dog

  16. Teletubbie Ron says:

    dog with da butter on him.

  17. bobdanger99 says:

    This is a perversion of the butter dog

  18. Gottogomo says:

    Haters will say they can't believe it's not butter

  19. Therington Gates says:

    Butta dawg

  20. rick astley says:

    rick roller dog the dog whit the rick roll

  21. Max Maris says:

    am i the only one who watched till the end no just me ok

  22. sev says:

    incredible, inspiring, absolutely life changing, phenomenal, exciting, revolutionary, are all words that can describe this video

  23. fortnite bot says:

    Did u know ur birth day os the day u were born

  24. TinyGotSkill says:

    Budda dawg could beat goku using 1% of his power


    I couldn't take it anymore I just watched 7 hours and 36 minutes

  26. Jiuxeeyy says:

    loved the part when he said "butter dog"

  27. Lauren Hooper says:

    Cc:Buddah dog, da dog with da butter. Buddah dog.. dog with the butter on im’ Buddah dog.

  28. Azkeo says:

    Is that butter moldy?

  29. I Šøšā l says:

    My favorite part is when he says “butter dog”

  30. Blue Crewmate says:

    This is beautiful, I looked at this for 5 hours now

  31. Jude Weimar says:

    my favorite part is when he says butter dog

  32. DuragDevaun says:

    Best 10 hour video!

  33. milk man says:

    What breed is this

  34. Firulais El Perro says:

    The thing that really makes this meme legendary is that the butter dog doesent eat the butter

  35. Another normal google account says:

    woooo, one mil. views!

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