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Guide to Tipping: Who and How Much?

With that delicious meal at your favorite restaurant coming to a close, you may find yourself asking the age old question: “how much should I tip?”   From your waitress, to the valet, barbers, delivery people and even the person who wraps...


Adidas Creates Biodegradable Shoes

Crafted from artificial silk, these shoes have the ability to be poured down the drain when you no longer want them.     That’s not to say that you can simply throw them in the sink and forget about them, a special...

vegan egg

Vegan Eggs? Yes, Now They Exist!

Like every unhealthy delicious product out there, an equally delicious healthy counterpart exists. Something that was seriously lacking for vegans was an alternative to the egg. Until now.     The struggle for a vegan to consume an egg has simply been...