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Hackers Blackmail David Beckham, Demanded £1 million

David Beckham found himself caught in the middle of a hacking scandal, when internet hackers had stumbled across his information while trying for someone else’s, the real target hasn’t yet been revealed. It has been an ongoing struggle for the soccer player,...


Celebrity Book Club: Kim Kardashian Edition

It was Oprah that notably started off the book club craze, which had the amazing ability to turn relatively unknown books into best sellers.   Looking towards the multimedia icon as inspiration, Kim Kardashian has decided to follow suit. Along with the...


Geri Halliwell Posts Image of First Son, Montague

Last month Geri Halliwell welcomed her first born son “Monty” into the world. Some time has passed since little Monty was birthed, but the pop icon shared a first glimpse of the child with Husband Christian on Instagram. At the moment of...