Country Stars Reveal Why Miranda Lambert Is A Great Artist

Have you ever wanted to ask what country stars think of other stars? Well Rare Country got the opportunity to sit down with some pretty legendary stars, such as Tanya Tucker, Collin Raye and Mark Chesnutt, to do exactly that. For this segment, the three country stars were asked about what they thought of Miranda Lambert.

For Tucker, she mentioned Miranda as being an artist that represents today’s country music. She also finds Miranda as being great and that she enjoys Lambert’s music.
Being a native Texan like Lambert, Chesnutt finds the country star’s independent spirit to be admirable.
He comments that Lambert is “her own woman”. He admires how Lambert chooses to be herself while doing her own thing rather than being told what to do and molded into what the industry wants her to be.

As for Raye, he has known Lambert ever since she was a teen singer playing in showcases all around Texas. His brother also played guitar for Lambert during the early days, and he continues to do so while touring with Lambert as a member of the bad.
Witnessing Lambert’s growth, Raye sees Lambert as “the greatest country artist”.
He also finds her songs different and how not one song sounds like another. He states that Lambert is a great singer and a great writer. He compares Lambert to being shining lights; special because “she is who she is”.

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