How To Replicate Miranda Lambert’s Sexy Signature Hairstyle

Miranda Lambert hit the beauty chair in her new video, and her beautician provides how he did it.

Known for her full-bodied, ruffle waved hair, Miranda shared the secret behind her signature hairdo in her most recent music video, ‘We Should Be Friends’. Making her way to the beauty parlor while sporting unkempt hair, she is whisked away into the chair for some much needed maintenance and freshening up.

Jonathan Levi, current hairstylist to the star, was responsible for her appearance, going on to say, “I wanted Miranda to give off that frisky and seductive vibe.” For him to accomplish this, he gave Miranda’s hair a thorough wash, and blew it with a hairdryer until it was fully dry.
Once that was out of the way, Jonathan used a curling iron to create her signature curls showcased in the video. Making sure to switch up the angles of the curls, while he transitions through each region of her head, with the camera accentuating the vibrancy of her hair.

“I adore my curling iron because of it’s ability to lock in the curls,” shared Jonathan, continuing, “that’s what made it ideal for a video shoot this long.” In order to compose that gloriously, textured effect, Jonathan advised creating irregular curls by pulling the iron out before reaching the end of strands.

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