“Catfishing” Victim Freaks Out When She Finds Her Own Photo Online

Sometimes when you’re on social media, it’s a given that you’ll see things that you never expected to see.
But for Jessica Hunt, what she saw on Instagram shocked her. While surfing online, Hunt came across her own photo of her posing in her own kitchen being used by a stranger.
The photo is of Hunt wearing a sparkly green dress while posing in her home kitchen. But instead of seeing her face, the face in the photo is of the stranger who took her original photo in a creep and weird “catfish” move.
Unfortunately, many people find themselves victims to “catfishing”, and Hunt just happened to be one of them.
After finding her photo being used by someone else, Hunt went on Twitter to post a message: “That is my body and my house but who’s face is that!?!? Catfish game is getting silly.”
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For those who are unaware of what “catfishing” entails, it is someone who pretends to be someone else on social media sites to create false identities with the goal of pursuing deceptive online romances according to the Urban Dictionary.
That’s just plain creepy.

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