Man Sets World Record For Most Nails Hammered With Skull

For a certain Boston man, beating a world record to set his own was something he really wanted to achieve.
And after two minutes later and 38 nails – he sure… nailed it.
John Ferraro, also known as “Hammer Head”, set an new record. Viewers of the weekly YouTube series, Guiness World Records Italian Show, watched it all unfold.
“Hammer Head” also holds the title for a couple of other records, such as the one-minute record and the world record for “most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes”.
How is Ferraro able to achieve all that nailing? According to the Daily Mail, he has a skull that is more than twice the thickness of the average person’s.
He discovered he had a 16 mm thick forehead when he chased his brother and went diving head first into a wooden door as a child.
When not banging nails with his head, Ferraro works as a professional wrestler.

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