Forget Crystal Glasses, Get Pizza When You Sign Up For The Domino’s Wedding Registry!

Who has ever been in a situation as a wedding guest and you don’t know what to get the newlyweds?
Not only is it tough to decide on a present, but it’s also hard to find something the couple would want to use. Well if you’re that person facing this crucial decision, then Domino’s Pizza has got you covered.
The pizza company has now developed a wedding registry in which couples can request for a pizza before, during, or after their wedding day.
Not only is the Domino’s Wedding Registry a fantastic idea, especially for pizza lovers, but it works like most other wedding registries. All the couple has to do is sign up and then simply create a profile with the items they want to receive.
Each item comes as a regular Domino’s gift card, though Domino’s has included some clever gift card names such as “Cater the Bachelorette Party” for pre wedding events, “Dancing With My Slice” which is meant to be used during the wedding reception, and “An Excuse Not To Cook” for post-wedding lazy days.
Who would have thought pizza would make a marvelous wedding gift!
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