Barber Setting Heads On Fire With Blowtorch Hair Styling Method In Gaza!

For one barbershop in Gaza, it’s all about the flames.
Owner of the blowtorch barbershop, Ramadan Odwan, tells Reuters that many people are interested in his method of straightening hair.
Though not the first hairstylist to use flames, the use of blowtorches is a unique offering to the Gaza Strip.

For those not afraid to ask for flames, Odwan applies a protective, and secret, liquid substance to the customer’s hair before setting fire to the head with a small blowtorch.
After two months of using this method, Odwan shares that he has not encountered any problems. He ensures that using a blowtorch is completely safe.
A reason why Odwan has introduced the blowtorch method to Gaza is because he wanted to showcase to the world that Palestinian barbers are just as professional as other barbers around the globe.

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