Adele Breaks Down In Tears After Grammys!

Adele was awarded with the biggest awards at last night’s Grammy’s, but used the moments to honor one of her idols, Beyonce.
After dominating at the show and taking in 5 awards, Adele wanted to offer her praise to her fellow musician.

“Beyonce is my everything, she is my role model and I very much look up to her. You inspired me to do what I do, and will always remain a inspiration,” poured out Adele during her acceptance speech. “I admire you, and wish you were my mum.”
Adele would take the stage once again to accept the award for Album of the Year, and further basked in the moment, offering even more words of kindness.

“I doesn’t feel right to accept this, I’m very thankful for this offering, but to me, Beyonce is my life,” she said. “Lemonade was groundbreaking, Beyonce. It was so groundbreaking and well put together, and you put your heart and soul into it. It’s so amazing to get a glimpse of your other side, it’s something we’re not usually shown, and we are grateful. Everyone here admires you. You are the one. The way you make us feel, it’s invigorating, it helps people stand up for what they believe in.”

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