Man Appalled by Contents of Jarred Jam – But Looks Are Deceiving

Tory Hawko was making his weekly trip to the grocery store and routinely bought the same brand of jam that he always did.
Coming home to make a delicious sandwich, he was quick to lose his temper, and not to mention appetite, when he opened the jar and discovered there was something floating at the top, resembling something looking like a condom.

“This is disgusting, how does something like this happen? You think sending me coupons will prevent me from voicing my frustrations?” Tory posted as a caption on his Facebook, along with a photo of the jar. There were numerous comments on the photo, and like him others were disgusted by what they were looking at.
Catching flak from the incident, a representative from the store was quick to respond to the matter, claiming the item that looks like a male contraceptive, was actually hardened foam from the sealing process. Coincidentally, the hardening of the foam formed something resembling a condom, and not an actual condom itself.

Numerous representatives from the brand had contacted Hawko to apologize for the mix-up.

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