Lady Gaga’s New Man Is Also Her Talent Agent?

Message for the fans of Lady Gaga and her past romance and ex-fiance, Taylor Kinney, it’s sad to say but it’s finally time to move on.
Fans of the two probably rejoiced when Kinney was witnessed at the 2017 Super Bowl to cheer on the singer, but it looks like Gaga has moved on in her love life.
So who is Gaga’s new man? Talent agent from CAA Christian Carino. The two were recently spotted together at a Kings of Leon concert in January, where they were seen getting pretty affectionate.
Also present at the Super Bowl to cheer on Gaga was Carino, who had given the halftime performer a kiss before she went on.
Gaga was also Carino’s date on Feb. 8 when he brought her to attend the Tommy Hilfiger runway show.
However, when her love life was brought up for questioning in an interview on Feb. 9 with Ryan Seacrest, Gaga played it cool. She didn’t out right deny or confirm the new relationship.
Instead, she told Seacrest that he should know that she doesn’t speak about her personal life.
The singer has been rocking it alone when she and Kinney called it quits on their relationship in the summer of 2016. The Gaga and Kinney relationship began in 2011 and they were engaged in 2015, before they cited distance and hectic schedules as reasons for their break.

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