Cold Bed Keeping You Up at Night? Hire Someone to Warm it Up For You!

Hate the thought of climbing into a cold bed after a long day at the office? Apparently, you’re not the only one, and this brilliant businesswoman has got you covered.
Claiming to be the world’s first, Vicky Ivanoka, is a professional bed-warmer. Vicky comes into your home, changes into her pyjamas and lounges in your bed until you’re ready to go to sleep. She claims this is strictly professional and offers no physical contact, but is willing to chat while she works. And for another looking to be crafty, she has a security team monitoring her status at all times.

Looking to sign up? Going to have to line up alongside everyone else, as there is huge demand for the service. Not realizing that there was a huge market for the service, Ivanoka is in the process of forming a team of bed warmers to fulfill the huge growth of requests.
Ivanoka says that her main demographic are men who are single, but is willing to expand her business if she finds a demand for members of the opposite sex.

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