This Guy Spent $80,000 To Look Like His Idol Britney Spears

For a good part of his life, Bryan Ray has been trying his best to look as close as he can to his idol, Britney Spears.
The 31-year-old from Los Angeles has so for undergone 90 plus surgeries for a total spending of $80,000.
In his goal to look like the pop star, Ray has gotten various procedures such as: veneers, Botox, fat injections, lip fillers, laser hair removal, a nose job and an intensive skin care regime that will help him achieve that “eternal youth” look.
Ever since his admiration for the pop diva started when he was just 17-years-old, Ray has been to every one of Spears’ tours, has memorized the choreography to her dance numbers that he also performs in nightclubs, and has met his idol three times.
For Ray, his biggest inspiration from Spears is how she persevere through her “dark period” and how someone could go through a tough time but still come out on top.