Chad Johnson Chooses To Side With Team Corrine On “The Bachelor”

Former villain, Chad Johnson, from ” The Bachelorette” sat down with In Touch and shared that he keeps in contact with Corinne Olympios. He’s even given the girl some advice!
Olympios, who is currently on this season of “The Bachelor”, is known for causing her share of drama on the show. And Johnson has shared some positive words for the drama queen.
Johnson reveals that he told Olympios that the other girls are jealous of her, which is the reason they are hating on her. He advises that Olympios don’t listen to what the others have to say.
For Johnson, he is Team Corinne all the way, he tells In Touch. He even says that if the two were dating, he wouldn’t even care if she “[is] the worst person on the planet”.

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