Lady Gaga Doesn’t Let Body Shamers Get Away With Critiquing Her Body

Sometimes people say mean things even when told they shouldn’t say anything at all if it isn’t kind.
Just Sunday night after performing a spectacular show at the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga is now speaking out to those who are body shaming her rather than critiquing her performance.
Taking to Instagram Tuesday night, Gaga posted a photo of herself taken from her halftime performance. In the picture, the singer is donning sparkly hot pants and a cropped shirt with shoulder pads to resemble the uniforms worn by football players.
Captioned in the photo, Gaga relays her message of how she is proud of her body and that everyone, including the body shamers, should love their own body as well. She also mentions that she could give a million reasons to why one does not need to cater to other’s expectations in order to succeed.
The singer doesn’t forget to thank her supporters at the end of the post.
Unfortunately for Gaga, this isn’t the first time she has had to deal with cruel body shamers. But the fierce Gaga doesn’t let anyone get away with mean words as she knows how to hit back with her own comments.

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