Jenelle Evans Announces Custody Battle Over Twitter

Jenelle Evans, star of reality hit Teen Mom 2 knows the word drama better than most people. A leading example has been Jenelle speaking out on the custody situation involving her child Jace, a rough battle she’s been having to deal with against her mother.
Last week, it was revealed that Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mom, wouldn’t provide custody of her firstborn child, despite the fact that she has 2 children, Kaiser and Ensley, in her care.
A follower of Evans had messaged Evans over Twitter as to why her mother refuses to let Jace into her care.
“Honestly, there’s no actual excuse. But it’s something that we address in upcoming episodes,” she replied.

Jenelle recently confessed that she isn’t on great terms with her mother, they barely speak and have heavy problems involving trust. “I have no faith in her. Whenever we get a chance to speak I get told she’s like this because of my boyfriend,” she shared.
Barbara and Jenelle’s boyfriend David Eason have problems of their own as well. While taping an after-show special for the show, Barbara had blamed David for getting thrown out of the delivery room while Jenelle was giving birth to her most recent child Ensley.

Jenelle fired back by suggesting that that was a dishonest statement. “My mother was never thrown out of there… she’s just looking for sympathy by saying that. She loves to pick fights then flee,” she stated.
For anyone looking for more information as to what caused a falling out between Jenelle and her mother Barbara, you can expect all the juicy details in the reality stars upcoming book. “I wrote a book about everything which is coming out sometime in the summer. It contains pages from my childhood diary, shining light on how things were with my mother,” Evans tweeted out.

“After you read this, you’ll understand why I am the way that I am. I didn’t have an ideal childhood, it was filled with sadness, which I think reflects off of how I was brought up,” she went on to add.