Christie Brinkley Looks Amazing on Chilled Magazine Cover

Supermodel Christie Brinkley recently posed for Chilled, looking gorgeous as usual.
Looking significantly younger than someone in her 60’s, Brinkley flaunts her assets in a sensual yet playful manner. Taking to popular social media platform Instagram, the supermodel posted the cover to share with her fans.
Modelling isn’t the only endeavor for Brinkley. Since her retirement from being a model, the blonde bombshell has started her own sparkling wine company. Looking back on her career Brinkley went on to share that “it was never my intention to become a model, it wasn’t something I aspired to become. I felt a bit awkward about it at first, but the money was so enticing.”

Without a doubt, it’s safe to say that she made the right decision. Even in her growing age, she looks just as good as the day she first started her modelling career. She exudes confidence and is very comfortable in her skin. According her to, looking this great comes with hard work, and she emphasizes committing to exercising everyday and maintaining a healthy diet.
“Make sure to maintain an active lifestyle – staying healthy is a great way to ensure a better life, it’s a great mindset to have,” she explained. “Embracing positivity while blocking out negative thoughts can be beneficial towards extending your lifespan. Worry less, smile more.”

Which isn’t to say that she hasn’t strayed from her vegan ways from time to time.
“We’re only on this planet for so long, crack open some champagne with a side of caviar. Live a little sometimes,” she says.