‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Ready to Call it Quits?

Over the years since the inception of the MTV reality series Teen Mom 2, members of the cast have voiced a growing concern over their portrayal on the show. Due to the deceptive tendencies reality television shows seem to portray, stars on the show have displayed dissatisfaction with how things have been edited. It seems as though one of the members have come at her wit’s end, and can no longer take it. Citing an increase of vocal hate towards her, Kailyn Lowry could be making an exit from the show sometime soon.
Taking to her personal website, the reality star addressed the problem in a blog post calling out “Haters.” Through this post, Lowry had stated that there is a lot going on in the background, which fans of the show don’t get a glimpse of. Because of this, she claims that all the hate she receives is unnecessary, and she shouldn’t be receiving flak because of unfair editing. After addressing the people showing her hate, Lowry went on to answer a question directed towards her on if she would quit the show because of it.

Kailyn went on to say:

“If I’m so unhappy with the way things are going, why stay and not just quit? A question on everyone’s mind. To simply answer that question, this is my job. I do this show for a living. This provides me the means of paying the bills until I graduate. Is my participation on the show nearing a close? Unfortunately, yes. But until that day comes around, I will remain on Teen Mom because this is how I provide for my family, it’s what bought me my house.”

It may seem all fun and games being on television, but at the end of the day, although nontraditional, this is still a job for her. With the opportunity she has been given, people need to accept that she’s doing her best to provide for her family.

Making an attempt at deterring the hate coming towards her, Lowry went on to say:

“You watch me on TV but you have no clue as to who I really am. You don’t spend time with me, you don’t know what goes on in my life, and what I encounter on a daily basis, so please stop with the judgement. If you really knew everything about me, you would think of me differently, and eventually all those aspects of my life will be released.”


Now that Kailyn has gone out of her way to address her so called haters, the amount of hate towards her hopefully decreases. As a mother doing this on her own to provide for her children, she needs some positivity her way instead of needless negativity to bring her down.