Lady Gaga’s Daring Super Bowl Jump A Perfect Illusion?

When it comes to Lady Gaga’s performances, we always know a surprise is waiting to happen. However, one shocking moment during the singer’s Super Bowl halftime show was when we witnessed the moment she leaped off the roof.
It was after belting out a few verses from songs “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land”, when the singer appeared to have jumped off the Houston’s NRG Stadium roof with only a few cables to suspend her body.
Since the broadcast of the haltime show was live, it made it appear as though Gaga had actually leaped off the room. However, revealed the following day after the Super Bowl, TMS reported that the jump was actually pre-recorded. We applaud Lady Gaga and her “perfect illusion”.
Confirming that that particular segment of the performance was prerecorded, general manager Natalie Cheung said it was done in part of foreseeing any weather or environmental issues that might be present on the day of the Super Bowl. From a logistics perspective, it would have also been hard for Gaga to start on the roof and come all the way down to the stadium floor.
Either way, Gaga’s performance was definitely on mark.

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