Alicia Keys Breaks Her Silence On Changing Beauty And What Has Changed Her

Rocking the all natural glam, from her makeup free face to naturally curly hair, Alicia Keys graced the cover page of Glamour’s March Activism edition.
In her interview with the magazine, the singer discusses redefining beauty, motherhood and how it changed her, and what she would to tell her younger self if given the opportunity.
Keys has forgo wearing makeup for over a year now, and has defined beauty as being “individuality and wisdom”, which hand in hand creates inner confidence in a person.
Back in 2001 when Keys released her debut album “Songs In A Minor”, her braids and trendy outfits were what she was known for.
However, Keys stated that she didn’t wear her hair in braids because she thought it was revolutionary or iconic, but because that was the way she loved wearing her hair at the time.
The singer goes on to tell that how one looks is like a statement in the sense that it is claiming of oneself. It’s showing people that “look…this is me. Love me or hate me, I really don’t care”.

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