Mandy Moore Talks Falling In Love With Shane West While Filming “A Walk To Remeber”

Celebrating its 15th anniversary since its release in 2002 is “A Walk To Remember”, where moviegoers swooned and cried together with Mandy Moore and Shane West.
The film told of two high schoolers and the struggles they faced together. It was definitely a romance we would all remember as we fell in love with the characters and their love.
After sitting down with Entertainment Weekly, Moore and West revealed that their off-screen attraction to each other helped create the chemistry on-screen!
Moore admitted that she fell in love with West. She thought of her co-star as “cool” and how she thought West fitted perfectly to the character he plated in the movie.
It wasn’t just Moore who fell in love behind the scenes, West too holds fond memories. Apparently “opposites attract” was true it is how he would describe the relationship between him and Moore.
Let’s say it together everybody, “awwww”!

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