Listeners Won’t Be Able To Hear Madonna’s Songs On This Texas Radio Station

In response to Madonna’s strong speech at the Women’s March she participated in on Saturday, an angry Texas radio station will stop playing the singer’s tracks.
Listeners will no longer be able to hear the pop icon’s music on HITS 105, as the station found that Madonna’s comments, as well as use of “F-bombs”, were uncalled for.
In her speeech, Madonna mentioned how enraged she was to the point that she thought about “blowing up the White House”, though the singer later clarified she used this statement as a metaphor.
Madonna’s speech did not sit well with many of those who run the station.
The manager of the station cited that the ban of Madonna’s songs on the station is not about politics, but is about patriotism. He believes that if all stations who play Madonna songs were to ban them as well, it would deliver a strong message to the singer.

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