Refugees Set To Move To US Next Month May Have To Wait

Um Mohammed, 30, is a refugee from Syria. Now living in New Jersey with her husband and two kids, Mohammed has been in the US for over a year now. For some time now, she has been trying to get her parents and siblings who live in Turkey, to come to the US via family reunification.
Her family had cleared for the reunification and were expected to be in the US next week. However, that was before Trump became president. Now the family might have to wait longer to reunite, as Trump’s executive order has suspended refugee resettlement for 120 days, while banning Syrian refugee entry into the US for indefinitely.
Mohammed is not the only one to be so close to reuniting with her family in the US. Others have tasted the same disappointed just as much.
In other news, Trump has signed a number of executive orders already this week. One including the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico border, as well as another regarding the crackdown on “sanctuary” dubbed cities.

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