Mary Tyler Moore Shocker!

Mary Tyler Moore fans are shocked at the news that came out yesterday!
“Yesterday, beloved megastar, Mary Tyler Moore, passed away at 80 with her close friends and loving husband.” A statement was released by Mary’s rep Mara Buxbaum. “An amazingly talented human, MTM will be remembered for her fearlessness who turned the world on with her smile.”
Mary’s death wasn’t much of a shocker to many of her close friends as she had contracted pneumonia earlier this month, the official cause of death was Cardiopulmonary.
Moore’s last public appearance was way back in 2014 where she reunited with her Mary Tyler Moore Show co-stars on ABC’s Katie with Katie Couric.

We last spoke with MTM she talked about reuniting with Harper
“It’s amazing, but it’s sad at the same time. It’s just sad I can’t have these amazing people around me during everyday life! I mean I probably can, but I wish I could have them around all day every day” Mary stated
“I am generally happy in life, I just miss the interactions with people every day. My husband is super good at getting me out of my own head when I get down nad sad about things in life” She said with love in her eyes
Moore battled with diabetes since the end of her show and underwent a brain surgery in 2010 to remove a benign meningioma.

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