Man Gets Car Stolen While Delivering Pizza’s, Found Next Day Same Spot, Fully Refueled

While out making his rounds on Friday night, pizza delivery worker John Camp left his vehicle running while making a quick stop into an apartment building to drop off a pizza. Hearing the roar of his engine, Camp rushed out of the building to see his vehicle take off into the distance.
“I rushed over to the window, which was when I saw my car drive off into the night, on top of that my phone was in the vehicle,” he told the morning news.

Unable to find any assistance within the building, Camp walked 10 blocks through the storm, where he found a hospital. Workers there happily helped Camp inform police, while purchasing his undelivered pizza and throwing him a $20 tip to lighten his mood.
The following day, a friend of Camp was driving down the street where his vehicle was stolen, to find his vehicle parked on the street. “My car was right in front of where I left it. On top of that, whoever stole it refilled the tank. Who does that?” Camp added.
With significant damage on his car, Camp hopes that his insurance will be able to cover the damage.

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