Justin Bieber to Take A Break From Music After Wrap of Purpose Tour

Finding great success in 2016, Bieber released his highest selling album, raked in a ton of awards, and successfully toured the world, selling out shows at every stop.
While higher than he’s ever been, it is reported that the musician wishes to take a break from music and is beginning to burn out. Looking to spend more time with friends and family, Bieber wants to ensure that when he decides to come back to music, it won’t feel too forced.

A source close to the star went on to state: “Justin is looking to do some soul searching after his tour has completed, he’s dabbled in making some music and actually has some material ready to release.” Making suggestions that Bieber could be out of the spotlight for some time, the source went on to say “We will definitely be treated to new music in the upcoming months, but don’t expect a tour anytime soon.”

Recently deleting his instagram, the pop star looks to take a break from remaining in the public eye.

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