Guide to Tipping: Who and How Much?

With that delicious meal at your favorite restaurant coming to a close, you may find yourself asking the age old question: “how much should I tip?”
From your waitress, to the valet, barbers, delivery people and even the person who wraps your gifts, how do you decide on the amount to give? As a general rule, you’ll want to multiply your tax by 3. For those shaking your head to the idea of giving that much money, this number should be judged solely on the amount of service given. A good tip should reflect on the quality of service you were given.

Tips aren’t a right, and should be seen as a reward to doing great work. Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you go out:
• Bartender: $1/drink
• Servers: 15-20% (depending on service)
• Furniture Delivery: $10/person
• Room Service: 15-20%
• Taxi: 10-15%
• Hairdresser: 15-20%
• Gift Wrapper: $1/item

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